The Practices

I have found that commitment to self-transformation requires an eclectic blend of resources to guide the inner journey. Here I offer practices which create a sacred container for a self-referenced, embodied experience of exploration and discovery. The Yoga poses, sitting meditation, self-inquiry, pranayama, transformational breathwork, silence and unstructured time in the natural world create an environment conductive to releasing patterns of the past and opening to the embodied state of Divine Love which is our True Nature and ultimate home ground. The practices enhance physical, mental and spiritual well-being, emphasizing healing and evolution of consciousness.

Breathwork is a dynamic practice for releasing, purifying, healing, and attuning with Source. Bridging the conscious and subconscious, conscious breathing is a profound, sacred path to personal transformation, enhanced well-being, and the direct heart opening experience of Divine Love.

The Yoga of Fluid Resonance sessions invite a self-referenced exploration of classical hatha yoga poses, inviting fluidity and curiosity rather than pattern and form. This embodied inquiry can take the shape of guided practice balanced with group “dives” which offer supportive space for creative exploration and profound self-discovery.

Meditation periods draw on the Vipassana and non-dual traditions. Guidance will be offered in breath awareness and in open attention with the focus to relax and simply be with what is, as it is, without manipulation, so that we come to rest in our natural state of awareness. From this foundation, personal approaches to mediation will also be explored.

Silence and Self-Inquiry offer the opportunity to listen within and awaken to the truth of who we are. In silence, both blissful moments of resonance as well as the recognition and experience of long-held patterns of conditioned behavior can be revealed, lifting the veil to the peace of our true nature.