October 6, 2021

The Unknown

How quickly the void

moves to be filled

with another’s

ideas and ways to be.


How rare to surrender to

the void….

to a space and time

of no direction

no identity defining

the fabric of a life.

To simply stay in the Openness…

To be willing to watch

the tides of possibilities

roll in and out again.


To be willing to stay

in this uncomfortable

and unfamiliar ambiance


Until Openness, itself

is recognized as the only

true ground of Being.

November 21, 2019

Welcome to Embodying the Mystery

Musing today about the intricate, deeply personal dance of weaving experiences of expanded states of awareness with the relative moments of life.

This movement with form and formlessness, a central theme around which my life has developed. Perhaps you also have been involved in such an inquiry.

I experience an ongoing exploration and discovery of a seamless flow ~ the absolute and the relative melting into each other and no longer seen or experienced as separate since in the deepest reality they are not.

For me this fine gossamer weaving requires a commitment to attune to the numinous as a daily practice thru physical practice, breath or simply taking time when we feel that way of being calling us home, then to record in some, writing, movement..a silent moment of registered recognition…that which is experienced, as a way to bring this forgotten way of being to consciousness, weaving these subtle threads into something that we can feel becoming part of our life..actually the potent sustenance of our life, not a special experience keeping us removed from others or feeling like we have something others do not.

These explorations rich when in solitude, yet profoundly enhanced when shared with others.

I find that as the fine weaving occurs..we reveal to ourselves our deep work and offering to others.

I invite you to join me in this embodied inquiry in the retreats I offer.

Sharing the Light of Love,